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Since 2020 we have been the bridge between career acceleration and LIVE online classes. We’ve been able to connect more than 7000 students with top professionals from leading companies including Microsoft, Nike, Google, Dropbox, Cisco, and Meta.


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Meet the Instructors

Our instructors are experienced and come from world-renowned companies. The best part? They’re ready to give back to their community!

Kevin Hartman

Google's Chief Analytics Evangelist -  6-time winner of the Advertising Research Foundation Ogilvy Award

Kevin Hartman

Rob Gallerani

Blizzard Entertainment's Sr. Principal Game Designer - Shipped 30+ games including Diablo II: Resurrected, numerous Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, and Guitar Hero

Kevin Hartman

Aprajita Jain

Google's Chief Brand Marketing Evangelist - Speaks 4 languages and travels as an international speaker on brand building, marketing performance, machine learning, and other tech trends

Kevin Hartman

Liana Griffin

Microsoft's Learning Evangelist - Created 100+ hours of instructional material for Facebook by integrating gamification into onboarding materials & workshops

Kevin Hartman

Ivy Sang

Bungie's UX/UI Partner Lead - UI designer at Sina (Chinese Twitter) and a product manager on Dajie (Chinese LinkedIn)

Kevin Hartman

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Meet +90 instructors from various professional fields at your disposal!



We’re spread out across the globe but united in purpose. Our team of nearly 100 members makes our US-based startup possible! We’re here to help everyone get hands-on knowledge, skills and education.



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for 1-on-1 coaching, Q&As, interactive group chats, recommendation letters & expanding your professional network.


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Certificates of completion for passing students and recorded lessons available after graduation. Some CPD certified ELVTR courses can be used to generate CPD hours.

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Reviews and

”I enjoyed the structure of the class, I like how we learned about a topic and practiced it in the workshops, It's helped me to apply what I learned!"

- Courtney Fulton

Women In Leadership

”The group activities, they allow us to interact and exchange ideas, plus the way it is structured is challenging and mind twisting as we collaborate in different parts of the ideation."

- Carlos Andres

Become An Art Director

”OveraII I'm impressed with the level of detail and explanation around particular topics and subjects. There's a real depth to each module which for learning allows the information to stay in your brain."

- Hayley Smith

Branging 101

”I really enjoy the format of the course. Lectures with real life examples and an ongoing case study. Also built in 20 minutes at the end of each class for questions is helpful."

- Rebecca Kouwe

Human Resources Analytics

Fun Fact

It would take over 10 years to calculate all of our graduates by counting one student per day.

Arend Boersema

Human Resources Analytics

Mario Bueno

Game production

Tiffany Gilliam

UX/UI for Gaming

Clarissa Riss Mahaffey

UX/UI for Gaming

Toniqua Green

Workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion


How are classes carried out?

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Every class is LIVE! Classes take place over Google Classroom and are recorded in case you miss a lesson!

Can I speak directly to the instructor?

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They can be contacted via email! Every instructor has their own unique email account following this format: name.lastname@staff.elvtr.com. Your instructor may also be active on Discord where you will join channels to network and get updates on your course

What will my certificate prove?

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After the course, students who have scored 80+ points on all of their assignments will receive a certificate of completion. This will prove that you have covered all of the material and met the course objectives. Some CPD certified ELVTR courses can be used to generate CPD hours which can be recorded in your personal CPD portal.

How do I sign up for Office Hours? Will they be recorded?

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Office hours are open to everyone, so there's no need to sign up in advance. Just join the weekly Zoom call at the time indicated in your course program. You'll receive a Zoom link in Google Classroom 10 minutes before the session begins. Sessions will not be recorded.

How can potential clients or employers view my certificate?

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Your certificate can be featured directly on LinkedIn under your Licenses and Certifications. You're welcome to list the course on your CV too