Croatia, Estonia and Portugal are at the top of the list.

The UK is one of the most desirable countries in Europe. With a quality of life index of 166 (which includes criteria such as cost of living and purchasing power, affordability of housing, pollution, crime rates, health system quality, and traffic), it ranks 22nd on the World Population Review’s Global Quality of Life Index. This means those in the UK live a comfortable life – but that comes at a price.

With a monthly average cost of living of £1,461, the UK is one of the most expensive places to live in the world and, after bills, expenses and taxes, the average person doesn’t have much left over.

But for those with remote jobs, there’s good news: there are plenty of cheaper places in Europe for digital nomads to escape to and, with a UK salary, you can live like royalty in many parts of the continent. With Brits already making up an impressive 8% of the global digital nomad population, why not join the party?

To help you find the perfect destination, ELVTR has ranked the best European countries where UK citizens can live a comfortable life without compromising on comfort – and where you won’t have to live pay cheque to pay cheque. We analysed the cost of living index, quality of life index, rent index, and tax rates of all European countries offering digital nomad visas to identify the top seven countries that are both cost-effective and offer home-like comfort for Britain’s digital workers.

Best Countries To Switch

#1. Croatia 🇭🇷

Monthly cost of living: £725

Quality of life index: 163

Tax for digital nomads: tax-free

Croatia offers a unique opportunity to live comfortably within Europe without breaking the bank. With a monthly cost of living of just £725, you can enjoy a high quality of life without having to worry about finances. But it's not just the cost of living that makes Croatia an attractive option. The country also boasts a quality of life index of 163, which means UK digital nomads will feel right at home (but with a little extra sunshine).

#2. Estonia 🇪🇪

Monthly cost of living: £826

Quality of life index: 172

Tax for digital nomads: free from tax charges for six months

Estonia is a great destination for digital nomads, boasting a quality of life index even higher than that of the UK and a remarkably lower cost of living. Estonia is widely recognized for its cutting-edge digital infrastructure and innovative e-Residency program, which allows entrepreneurs to start and manage an EU-based company remotely. The country's tech-friendly environment, combined with its welcoming attitude towards remote workers, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a supportive and entrepreneurial community. Plus, the country's stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture provide endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

#3. Portugal 🇵🇹

Monthly cost of living: £792

Quality of life index: 164

Tax for digital nomads: no tax on income generated from foreign sources 

Portugal has become a top destination for digital nomads due to its mild climate, affordable cost of living, and high quality of life. English is widely spoken in the country, making it easy for expats to communicate and get around. Portugal also offers well-developed infrastructure, including high-speed internet and efficient public transportation. The country's Startup Visa and Golden Visa programs offer opportunities for non-EU citizens to establish businesses or obtain residency. This, combined with Lisbon’s blossoming tech scene, had made Portugal a popular choice for remote workers and digital entrepreneurs. 

#4. Spain 🇪🇸

Monthly cost of living: £924

Quality of life index: 174

Tax for digital nomads: 24%

Spain is a perfect choice for Britons seeking a high quality of life. In fact, it’s significantly higher than the UK – and for obvious reasons: an amazing climate with seaside resorts scattered along its coast, moderate taxes, and affordable living costs that are £500 cheaper than in the UK on average. With its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and excellent infrastructure, Spain has plenty to offer those seeking somewhere to live and work that feels like a permanent holiday.

#5. Czechia 🇨🇿

Monthly cost of living: £817

Quality of life index: 164

Tax for digital nomads: 15%

Czechia is an incredible destination located in the heart of Europe. Its capital city, Prague, is particularly popular among expats and digital nomads due to its vibrant culture, cheap living costs, and high-quality infrastructure. Britons hoping to save up that house deposit will do it in no time living in the Czech Republic with its low cost of rent, food, transportation, and other day-to-day expenses. However, it's worth noting that prices can vary depending on the city or town you choose to live in. Prague, for instance, is more expensive than other cities in the country, but still offers a notably cheaper cost of living than London. 

#6. Latvia 🇱🇻

Monthly cost of living: £696

Quality of life index: 153

Tax for digital nomads: 15%

Latvia is another great option for British digital nomads, offering an average cost of living £765 cheaper than back home. And this significantly better affordability comes at the small expense of just a slight drop in quality of life. However, there are some hurdles such as the language barrier; long, cold winters; and smaller social scenes that those living in the UK’s big cities might be used to. But, if you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, Latvia could be the perfect new home.

#7. Italy 🇮🇹

Monthly cost of living: £989

Quality of life index: 141

Tax for digital nomads: 5%

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in Sardinia, riding a Vesta, and drinking Aperol with their evening meal as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea? With a British salary, living in paradise and growing your savings balance can be a reality, as Italy offers relatively affordable living costs and fair taxes for digital nomads. And don’t forget that Italy also boasts a mild Mediterranean climate, making it the ideal destination for those seeking warm weather and plenty of sunshine after years spent in the rain.


To create the study, we examined average salaries, the cost of living index, rent index, the quality of life index and average rent prices for digital nomads in the UK, and compared them against all European countries that currently offer digital nomad visas.

Detailed findings:


#1. Wisevoter

#2. Glassdoor (average salaries)

#3. Numbeo

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